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Extreme DIY Projects seem to have become an integral part of my life. The older I get the larger and more complex they have become. You’ll find diy instructions and past projects here that range from building a koi pond to restoring boats. I’ll also be posting more mundane do it yourself activities. Rebuilding chainsaws, restoring old firearms, basic car maintenance are just a few of the topics I’ll be covering in future posts.

   The projects I am typically involved with range from the mundane and simple to complex and extreme. Some of these raise eyebrows and elicit a “you did what?” response. I created this site to share my experiences for anyone interested in Do It Yourself. My projects usually take a fairly straight forward approach:

  • Research the topic
  • Acquire materials
  • Plan and prioritize
  • Get started with the project
  • Scratch my head and do more research
  • Dig in and make it happen!

I’ll admit, I get as much enjoyment in the research and acquiring stages as I do in the actual work. I’m guessing there’s a shopper buried somewhere in me that uses this as an excuse to get out. The physical aspect of doing the actual project is at time the most challenging. This is where you’ll come up against some unexpected challenges. And you will, no matter how much planning you do you’ll hit some bumps in the road. I will say that the most satisfaction I get is stepping back and looking at the finished product. I’m sure many of you feel the same way or you wouldn’t be here reading about DIY projects! In any event, I hope that the information you find on this site will be helpful to you in your DIY endeavors.

A Bit More About Extreme DIY

Another area I cover that’s an important part of any diy project is the tools and materials you use. I created an Amazon storefront that covers many of these items, you can visit it here: ExtremeDIY Amazon Storefront. Almost all of these diy projects also have videos associated with them, you can visit the ExtremeDIY YouTube channel here; Jose’s ExtremeDIY. Feel free to browse through the many projects I have. I hope these are helpful and all feedback is appreciated. 

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