Covid-19 Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Interactive Map

Covid-19 Map Courtesy of John Hopkins University

How to Use the Covid-19 Pandemic Map

The map will initially come up focused on China where the pandemic originated from. It is interactive so you can drag it to whatever region of the world you want to view. You also have the option of zooming in to areas. The red dots that you will see on the map are not representative of the exact geographical area they are located on. Rather, they represent the region they are located in. For example, if you zoom in on North Carolina, you will see a red dot in the middle of the state. Pretty much in the middle of no where. By left clicking on the red dot you will see the number of confirmed, deaths, recovered and active for the entire state of North Carolina.

Why John Hopkins?

I consider the John Hopkins website to be the most accurate in terms of keeping up with the Covid-19 outbreak. Many websites that show coronavirus information draw their data directly from the John Hopkins University Website. They are researchers and not a Government Bureaucracy. You would think that the CDC website would be more accurate but there is a statement there that makes you wonder exactly how accurate it is. This is directly from the CDC website, ” † CDC is no longer reporting the number of persons under investigation (PUIs) that have been tested, as well as PUIs that have tested negative. Now that states are testing and reporting their own results, CDC’s numbers are not representative of all testing being done nationwide.”

Why are we being Locked Down

The guidelines we are under may seem excessive. Some of us disagree with it. There’s a theory that it should be let to burn itself out unchecked. While somewhat valid, it ignores the fact that our healthcare system would be dramatically overwhelmed. In all probability resulting in far more fatalities then we expect to see at a slower rate that the guidelines are attempting to achieve.

Helping to Control the Pandemic

Follow the guidelines. Stay at home and don’t go anywhere unless it is for essential supplies. If you are considered an essential employee, then of course go to work. Here are just a few of the tips that can help keep you safe

  • Wash your hands often – 20 seconds of a soapy scrub is known to kill the virus
  • If you have to go out, wash your hands on returning home, carry hand sanitizer!
  • Beware the gas pump, ATM and cash register credit card machines. Touching them is like shaking hands with everyone that has touched them in the last 12 hours. The virus has been shown to survive that long on hard (or soft) surfaces
  • Sanitize! This is especially true if you have been out and about. A mixture of chlorine bleach and water will sanitize if you don’t have pre-made sanitizing wipes. One tsp of bleach to one cup of water will make an effective sanitizer
  • Self Isolate – Stay home unless you absolutely have to go somewhere
  • Maintain your Social distance – At least 6 feet!

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Hoping you stay safe and healthy!

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