Failed DIY Collection

A collection of failed DIY videos (you might see some of mine if you check in periodically). There are so many hilarious DIY fails on YouTube, I decided to dedicate a post to some of the ones that strike me as particularly funny. Some of these failed DIY videos remind me of me. Either in a pique of anger or in an inescapable moment of incredible stupidity.

There’s always the tree falling on a car video, I’ll have to include one of those as no collection would be complete without one. What I’ll be scouting for is uniquely funny videos. Preferably one’s that cover the entire range of DIY fails. Car repairs, boat restoration, home improvement, the entire gamut of DIY activities that can lead to disastrous hilarious results!.

I won’t waste your time with a boring dialog of what these are or any other blah blah blah. Quite honestly, I wont pay any attention to SEO or any other practices. This is just something I want to do. There are a ton a failed diy videos. I’ll try to weed out the best and put them on this post. So if you find this page, enjoy these videos!

This has got to be one of my favorites. I think I’ve been there before, LOL.

Here’s another great one on how to fix a Ryobi gas Weed-eater. I’ll bet he was using ethanol!

There has to be dozens if not hundreds of these tree stump pulling fails. Don’t these folks watch YouTube LOL?

Here’s a unique way to fell a tree. Just pull the entire thing down with your truck. You have to watch this all the way for the surprise ending.

So you want to build your own aluminum forge? Here’s how not to do it!

How not to use a powered snake to clean a drain. These things can kill you!

This is why some folks shouldnt be allowed to own tools. It’s pretty hard to screw up an oil change, but this genius figured out how.

This gent is a pretty accomplished Do It Yourselfer, unfortunately he  lost a few brain cells somewhere and rode the lift. BAD IDEA!

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