GoPro Remote Battery Replacement

Why Replace a GoPro Remote Battery?

I’ve been using a GoPro hero 3 plus to make videos of some of the projects on this site. I have found that using the remote really adds a lot of value to the videos and pictures I use the GoPro for. You can turn the video on and off or take snapshots without shaking the camera. The remote I’ve been using is several years old. I found that after ten minutes or so, the battery would run out on it.

The GoPro Remotes use Lithium-Ion Batteries. Although rechargeable, they do lose thier capacity to hold a charge over time. I decided it was time to do a battery change on this GoPro remote. Overall it really isn’t that difficult. I ordered a replacement battery from Amazon. Once I received it, I gathered all the tools I needed to change the GoPro remote battery.

Tools You Will Need to Replace the GoPro Remote Battery

  • # 2 Allen wrench or bit
  • Small jewelers Phillips head screwdriver
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • Soldering Iron
  • Fine Flux cored solder
  • Small wire cutter and stripper
  • Isopropyl alcohol (to soften glue holding old battery on)

Dissasemble the GoPro Remote

Removing the GoPro Remote Back Cover

Start by removing the back off of the GoPro. You’ll use the #2 Allen wrench. There are four screws, one in each corner. Remove those and you should be able to pry the back off of the remote. The back should come off easily but you may have to use a small flat blade screwdriver to remove it.

The next step will be to remove the three screws holding the circuit board on to the case. There are two on the upper edge and one on the bottom. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to do this. You will need a very fine Phillips screwdriver for this. I mean, a really small one. I bought a screwdriver with a set of very fine tips for repairing iPhones and this had the correct Phillips tip for this.

Removing the GoPro Remote Circuit Board

Separating the GoPro Remote Circuit Board

Removing the GoPro Remote Circuit Board Ribbon Cable

Once the screws are out, gently pry with the small flat edge screwdriver driver to pop the circuit board out. You’ll notice that there is a small flat ribbon cable going from the LCD display on the case to the circuit board. You can remove this by gently sliding it out of the socket.

Once you have the circuit board off, you can use a small drop or two of isopropyl alcohol to soften the glue holding the old battery on. Gently pry the battery off but don’t unsolder the wires just yet.

Place the new battery on to the back of the circuit board where the old battery was. There should be enough glue on there to hold it in place. At this point, you can also disconnect the wires from the old battery by using the soldering iron to gently heat the solder and remove the wire.

New GoPro Battery on Back of Circuit Board

Replacing the GoPro Remote Battery

Flip the circuit board over and make a note of what color wires are connected to where on the circuit board. The sequence should be Black, white, red from the outside in. My replacement battery had a red, yellow and black wire. I kept the color placement with the exception of the original white wire. I used the yellow wire on the new battery to connect to that terminal on the circuit board.

Carefully snip the wires on the new battery so they are just slightly longer than what’s needed to place them on the circuit board. This is very fine stranded wire, so be careful stripping them.

You can use a wire stripper if you have one or a wire cutter but be careful to not cut through the wire when stripping the insulation off. This is why I say to cut the wires sightly longer than required. If you slip and cut them too short, you’ll have a bit extra to make up for it. However, you don’t want them too long, there’s not a lot of room in that case for any excess wire.

Soldering the Wires for the New GoPro Remote Battery

Use the soldering iron to apply a small amount of solder on the tips of each wire. This is called tinning and will help the wire connect to the circuit board. Use needle nose pliers or a pair of tweezers to position each wire over the correct contact. When you have a wire lined up correctly, press down gently with the tip of the soldering iron on top of the wire. Hold it there until the solder melts and you can see the wire sinking into the puddle of melted solder. DO NOT OVERHEAT THE SOLDER JOINT. Lift the soldering iron off as soon as you see the wire sink into the puddle.

Unsoldering Old Battery From Circuit Board
Tinning Wires on New GoPro Remote Battery
Soldering New Battery Wires to Circuit Board

Re-assemble the GoPro Remote

Now that all three wires are connected you can put the case back together. Reconnect the ribbon cable by sliding it back into the socket. Place the circuit board into the front of the case. Reattach the circuit board to the case with the three screws you removed earlier.

GoPro Remote Gasket Set in Place

When reassembling the GoPro remote, place the gasket on the same side as the circuit board. There is a tiny slot running around the perimeter of the case. Make sure that is set into place so that no parts of the gasket get in the way of the screws or the case itself.

You now have the circuit board and gaskets in place. Next, you can simply place the back of the remote on and reattach it with the four Allen head screws that you removed earlier.

Replacing GoPro Remote Back Cover
GoPro Battery Replacement Completed

I completed mine in about a half hour. I put it on the charger and let it charge overnight. The very next day I used it continuously for about an hour and a half and it still had a significant charge on it. Make sure to dispose of the old Battery properly. Most recycling centers or waste facilities will accept them.


Watch the full video showing how to replace the GoPro Remote battery on my YouTube channel.

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