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Normal run of the mill routine DIY projects. A collection of tips and tricks. Many of these could help you in your normal run of the mill do it yourself projects. You’ll find many different projects here that I have completed.

It seems I am always neck deep in one or more projects. Some of them are complex. Many of them are routine. I’ll be adding completed projects as they come along. You can expect the posts on this part of the site should increase shortly. So visit often!

How to Change 2005-2011 Tacoma Headlights

New Tacoma Headlights

Changing Tacoma headlights, although intimidating, is not as difficult as you may think. In my case, I am changing my Tacoma headlights for two reasons. These headlights I have on now are severely de-laminated. They are also aftermarket, I made the mistake of buying factory smoke tinted lights. These lights soak up so much of …

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