I love Tech. Especially when it involves something radically new. New tech is always a source of great fascination for me. Technologies like blockchain currency (Cryptocoin),3D and laser printers, as well as CNC machining, are constantly evolving. I’m sure I’ll be writing on these and other topics in the future.

To me, Tech is not just limited to IT or computers. Technologies such as electroplating, gun coatings and mechanical are also a source of great DIY projects.

Many of the projects I’ll write about involve technology of some sort or another. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the project is something as mundane as changing a fuel filter on a motor or something more complex like DIY anodizing of aluminum parts I have made. Technology advancements are always improving how things are done.

Information Technology has been my bread and butter for over forty years. So it’s natural that I would have some DIY fun in this area. Although to be honest, I try to stay away from the work-related projects. That would be work, and probably not much fun.

So here is a collection of tech-related articles. I hope you enjoy them and hopefully learn something in the process!

How to Make a DIY Spot Welder for Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Spot Welder

As with many of my projects, I have to create a separate project to build a tool for it. In this case, I needed to make a Lithium Ion battery pack. Rather than solder, I decided to make a spot welder to put the battery pack together. Lithium Ion batteries are heat sensitive. They can …

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Cannon Camcorder – Cannon Battery Charger with a USB Power Bank

cannon battery charger

In addition to this, I also run a YouTube channel (ExtremeDIY). Many of my projects are intensive in terms of time. I use a Cannon camcorder and quite often I find that the camera runs out of power. Usually, way before I am done with whatever task I happen to be doing. I came …

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BurstCoin – A New Twist in Crypto Coin

Burstcoin is a completely different way to mine cryptocurrency. I’ve dabbled in Cryptocurrencies over the years. Usually by mining. One thing that has always been a drain on any profitability is the amount of electricity mining consumes. Most mining is done via GPU , CPU or ASIC. All of these are huge consumers of electricity. …

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