Tools and Equipment Maintenance

Tools and equipment maintenance is an important part of the DIY enthusiast life style. As I go from project to project I’ll be adding articles on maintaining and repairing tools and equipment.

Chainsaws are another hobby of mine. I like to buy old ones and restore them. Some of the older models are built like tanks. Unfortunately, they seem to be as heavy as one at time as well. Rebuilding carburetors on these units can be done, quite often for just a few bucks and an hours worth of time. Adjusting the fuel mixtures and keeping the saw sharp is just as important. I’ll post a few articles on that topic.

You’ll also find posts on repairing equipment. My lawn tractor takes a lot of abuse. Consequently you’ll find a few articles on repairing the Husqvarna I use to mow. I’ll be adding posts on sharpening drill bits and mower blades and any other thing that needs to be sharpened.

Look for a  post on the evils of ethanol gas coming soon. I have ruined more than one carburetor on small 2 cycle engines with this fuel. I plan on adding a post on this and why you should use ethanol free gas on these tools.

Why Ethanol Gas Can Harm Small Engines

Ethanol Gas Pump

My First Experience with E10 Ethanol Gas My first experience with ethanol gas occured around 2008. I  owned motorcycles at the time. Unfortunately, we were riding less and less around that time frame. I made it a habit to periodically start the bikes to keep fresh fuel in the carbs. I eventually noticed that both of …

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Restoring a Chainsaw – Carb Adjustment and Sharpening – Part 2

Craftsman 20" Chainsaw Restoration

Now that the carburetor has been put in, it’s time to finish the chainsaw and put it to a test. I did find one problem, the chainsaw was leaking oil. When I looked into the saw, I found that at some point, the chain was off the guide and chipped the area where the oil …

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Changing A Lawn Tractor Spindle and Pulley

Mower-Spindle - IMG_2108.jpg

Changing your lawn tractor spindle is fairly easy. It’s definitely within the reach of the average person. A basic knowledge of hand tools will take you through changing a lawn tractor spindle in a relatively short time. My adventure started when I went a bit to far into a ditch with the cutting blades engaged. …

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Craftsman 20″ Chainsaw Restoration – Part 1

Craftsman 20" Chainsaw Restoration

I periodically stop by pawn shops to browse. Being a DIY junkie, I can never have enough tools in the shop. Pawn shops can have some good quality tools at really good prices, you just need to catch them while they are there. I recently stopped by one of the shops and found an old …

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