Tips Tricks and Hacks!

One thing I’ve found over the years is that I’m always coming up with different ways to get things done. I suppose this is because I’m always drowning myself with more projects than I can reasonably handle! Having and creating Tips Tricks and Hacks has become second nature to me to help get projects done.

These range from the very simple to somewhat more complex hacks. An example of a simple on e might be modifying a screwdriver to install jets on a carburetor, Outboard Carburetor Rebuild. Or a real easy one like Stopping Fiberglass rash.

I’ll have a collection of tips tricks and hacks as I come up with new ones. And of course I’ll as I have time and remember them, I’ll add the ones I’ve used in the past. Interestingly enough, unless it’s something monumental, I’ll typically forget a tip trick and hack after using it,

Documenting them here will not only let me share them with you, but will give me a library to keep track of them. Hopefully these tips tricks and hacks will help you with your projects.

If you have any hacks you would like to share, feel free to make share them using the contact form: Contact Form.

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