Sports and Outdoors Fun

What can be more fun than spending time on Sports and outdoors? My outdoor sports generally revolve around fishing and other activities. There will be a number of activities that I will write on.

The latest one I have dedicated some time to is a bait cannon. I enjoy the beach and surf fishing. I often sit at the beach and wonder what humongous fish lie just outside the reach of my casting distance. Of course an obvious solution to that would be to build an air powered bait cannon. So I did just that (you can read the posts on that build below).

I’ll be testing this out soon and will have a post on what the results are. We already fired a test shot and know we can reach 140 yards with a test ice slug. I’ll also be posting on how to prepare a bait slug to shoot out of the bait cannon.

Not being happy to just have an air powered bait cannon, I of course built several other barrels for it. I designed it so I could easily interchange barrels. That way it could be a tennis ball or T-shirt launcher. Or a spud gun! The most fun we’ve had has been shooting 1.5″ and 2″ ice balls through sheets of OSB. I’ll have some posts on that soon.

Sports and Outdoors fun wouldn’t be complete without some additional activities. My family and I enjoy target shooting. A large part of that involves maintenance of firearms as well as some customizing efforts. I’ll be writing on that soon. Once fall comes around I’ll write some articles on specialized coatings as well as working on 80% lowers.